Whether you decide on a desktop PC or a fully portable laptop you will find that it very quickly becomes a very important part of your home life.

Perhaps that is a tool for working from home, or a place for your children to complete their all important homework?

Regardless of the reason, when this vital piece of equipment fails it is sure to have an impact.

That is where your repair knights in shining armour appear in the form of MEGA SOLUTIONS WEB. We have the expert knowledge to be able to quickly and simply repair your broken computer or laptop and have you back up and running in no time! The only thing we can’t help with is the arguments about whose turn it is....that we are afraid is up to you!

We provide a full range of services for your desktop PC, tower or laptop as well as printers and other peripherals.

Need Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Repaired?

Mobile phones have become more than just a way to call home over recent years. The technology and design that is applied to these gadgets often rivals that of a laptop and it becomes an extension of our web surfing, social networking and leisure activities that are generally associated with computers and mobile phones Also adding to the mix are tablets, these portable computers have gone from being seen as a bit of a luxury item to being incredibly commonplace, especially with those who face long commutes.

Unfortunately with the increased usage and transportation comes the risk of damage or breakages. But fear not.......MEGA SOLUTIONS WEB is able to help you in those desperate times.

If it's a smashed screen, broken charging port or even a worn out battery just pop into our workshop and find out how we can help you!

Before long you will be able to email, Facebook and watch a movie again, all whilst you are on the move.


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