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About Unlocking...

Most smartphones bought now are usually on a contract and locked to that network provider, Unlocking your phone gives you the ability and opportunity to shop around for a better deal, or will usually make it easier to resell. Due to unlocking costs greatly varying between manufacturer and network providers, we have set a table below.

How it works.

We need your IMEI number; if you don’t know where to find your IMEI number you can learn how to find it. With iPhones the unlock is remote and automatic with other phones there is usually a code, if you have an iPhone you’ll receive an email or call from us to let you know your device is now unlocked. if you have a different we will deliver the unlock code requested by the phone when you put a sim card that is on a different network to the network it is locked too.

Need your games console repaired?

With the stresses and strains of modern society taking its toll even the best of us are heading to a fantasy world where you can you save damsels in distress, fight a war with allies or perhaps even destroy a few hundred zombies.

We are not talking about the apocalypse here, just a games console. Although it might seem like the end of the world as we know it if the worst happens and your console of choice develops a fault, or worse still, ceases to work completely.

Whether you are an Xbox fan, PlayStation devotee or Wii lover we are able to help you if your escape method seems to be making its escape from you.

Perhaps your Xbox is showing the dreaded “Red Ring of Death” or your PlayStation 3 has produced its very own Yellow light warning? Or maybe you are having trouble reading any discs placed into the console. Whatever the issue seems to be we have a solution that will have you gaming in no time at all.

Repairs for Handheld Games Consoles?

We even repair handheld consoles for gaming on the go! Despite the tough nature of portable consoles such as PSP and DS the sheer nature of them (being able to be carried around) will make them more prone to damage.

If you’re looking to get your games console repaired, MEGA SOLUTIONS WEB can fix it for you. Even cracked screens and broken disc doors will be rectified and have your console looking and working as good as new!

With service as good as this the world will seem like a brighter place should the dark cloud of console issues arise in your home.



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